Thursday, October 09, 2014

My Lady Knight - Charming Doodle Tween/Adult Knight Hoodie

When this Hoodie came up for testing from Charming Doodle I was SO excited! I didn't know where to begin! My middle man isn't big enough for this pattern so the Creative Princess got to be my canvas. I didn't tell anyone in the house what I was up to (nothing new really) I just got to work.
 You can see that initially she was hesitant...take the photos mum! But then she started to enjoy herself and the Creative Princess has barely take this hoodie off for washing!

The Creative Princess LOVES Tamora Pierce and the stories of Alanna the Lady Knight so I knew she would enjoy is a quote just for you!
“Why do boys say someone acts like a girl as if it were an insult?” 
― Tamora PierceIn the Hand of the Goddess
'Round here we think girls are pretty awesome!

What can I tell you about this pattern?

  • Print and tape, super easy to assemble
  • The directions are clear and it comes together pretty quickly
  • It is a fun sew! There were so many variations made (solid hoodies, colourful hoodies) it was fun to see how they all came together
  • Let your imagination go on this one! I love everyday 'costumes' and this fits that perfectly.

En guarde!

The boys are begging for their own versions and I will get to them...eventually!


Friday, September 19, 2014

Big Batch Cooking - Peaches!

We use serious amounts of jam here...I mean serious so I got a bushel of Second Peaches (that means they aren't the farmer's best) for $15 and went to town!

I had helpers don't worry...we made:
  1. 26 Jars of Peach Pie Jam
  2. 30+ Jars of Spiced Peach Jam
  3. 3 Peach Pies
  4. 1 Peach Crisp (it didn't quite work out)
  5. 2 Bags of Peaches for the freezer
What a day! Right?

I know this is a lot more work then some of you want to sign on for but I do highly recommend making your family loves it!


Friday, September 05, 2014

Big Batch Cooking - Ground Beef Edition!

I didn't go AS crazy with the cooking this week but my freezer is a little happier and my mind is feeling a little more at ease!

This week's recipes include more of our tried and true favourites!

1. Taco Soup! This is a Friday night staple as we are at the arena for several hours so I fill our thermoses and everyone eats as they get hungry. You should definitely be prepared with some tortilla chips...Yum! You can find the recipe at Eat At Home Cooks.

2. This was a request of Mr. CB...I don't think we even had them last year! They are called Glad Thai Dings and are also found in a Looney Spoons Cookbook! You can find the recipe on-line at Food & Whine.

 To freeze these recipes I put the meatballs on a tray, freeze them, then move them into bags. I cooled the soup and then put it in containers.